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About IRRCi and the Center

In July 2018, the Investor Responsibility Research Center Institute (IRRCi) announced that it selected the John L. Weinberg Center for Corporate Governance (Weinberg Center) at the University of Delaware as its successor organization.

The Weinberg Center received a grant from IRRCi in excess of $1 million as part of the successor transition. With these funds, the Weinberg Center will materially expand its environmental, social, corporate governance and capital market research, and also maintain the full IRRCi research library so that more than 75 research reports remain publicly available at no cost. The Weinberg Center also will continue to fund and manage the annual IRRCi Investor Research Award that recognizes outstanding practitioner and academic research. The selection of the Weinberg Center culminated a planned multi-year succession process undertaken by the IRRCi Board. The selection of the Weinberg Center was the result of a planned multi-year succession process undertaken by the IRRCi Board that included consideration of more than 25 organizations.

Research Reports

IRRCi was a nonprofit research organization formed following the 2005 sale of IRRC to Institutional Shareholder Services (now MSCI) to act as a catalyst for thought leaders, and to sponsor research on corporate governance and corporate responsibility issues that are important to the linkage of broad societal issues to investment performance. IRRCi funded academic and practitioner research that enabled investors, policymakers and other stakeholders to make data-driven decisions. IRRCi research covered a wide range of topics of interest to investors, was objective, unbiased and disseminated widely. IRRCi issued 75 research reports, which are available on the Weinberg Center website. It’s research has been cited by regulators, lawmakers, academics and leading investors.

Past IRRCi Research

Research Library

The full library of IRRCi articles are available for perusal.

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Past webinars and videos are available as a list of embedded videos, or via Youtube.

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